Lolzman87 (Cory Biggs)

Walking dead finale and other stuff! Stop by if you can!


goSH YOUR LAUGH AND YOUR VOICE IS SO CUTE //hops onto the voice loving bandwagon// please keep sounding the way you are,being yourself,and doing what you do because youre really great :^)!!!
Hrm I was wondering, Zacharie and or batter, I've already started school and some guy already started some beef with me, what should I do?
Hrm so batter and or Zacharie, what if I said I had a lot of credits and we could go shopping? I mean i know I'd be the player and all but I could restock your inventory! Or buy a new bat? That's up to you really. Also any tips for starting at school?
I was just listening to the recording you made for the Summoner ask about self harm and I just wanted to know that it made me cry the good kind of tears. Summoner is one of my favorites, every time I listen to you in character, it just warms me up and chills me out at the same time. Thanks so much for your work, you really inspire me to use my own voice.

I’m glad I was able to make you happy like that. Please do use your own voice! Everyone has one and no one should be afraid to share it!

You have an amazing voice, just in general. And you do amazing voices for different characters as well! Very soothing. You come up with some funny stuff too^^
Your voice is nice. No character asks or whatever, your voice is legitimately soothing, no matter what you're doing with it. You sir, are a goddamn miracle. Thank you.
Hey Zacharie and/or Batter. Today marks a week until my seventeenth birthday and I'm really stressing out in a bad way. Do you have any tips on not freaking out when next Wednesday comes around?

No seriously, chat with me